Steps that can be taken to improve education system

1) MOOCs for Teacher: Every body cares about student education, but no body thinks about teachers. They can only transfer knowledge only if they themselves are well educated with the subjects and knows how to teach scientifically so that the teaching is most productive and knowledge reaches to maximum students. Like students, teachers should also be motivated daily.
So there should be 1 hour MOOCs for teachers even, where they can listen the lectures and appear exams.
2) Including courses like Learning How to Learn (Page on and Becoming a Resilient Person (edX) and many other study techniques in the syllabus itself. So that students knows how he should study productively without rote learning the things and also learn to cope up with the stress.
3) MOOCs for Students: In the first phase for about 6 months we should give MOOCs for teachers, than when they are well versed with all the computer technologies, than time for MOOCs for students. But computer (e.g.  cheaper Raspberry pi) should be given to every student in class, so that they can learn at their own pace by repeating the lectures. Lectures should also be given to home for listening. Presenting lectures on a single LED on class does not work.

Let students even make their note by own by repeating the lectures. No need to detect the notes (which is usually done by a teacher, which is like spoon feeding and unproductive)
Students should also by taught to make notes through mind maps and flow chats using important keywords. These types of notes are easy to memorize and revise.
Here is a course on Inquiry Based Learning on edX

Dictionary with phonetics and sound is also a must. How will a student read and understand books without strong knowledge of vocabulary?

4) Class should be Student centric not teacher centric: Why teachers has to give non stop lectures? Lectures can be given by MOOCs. Teachers duty is to motivate the students and give them proper resources. So let student discuss about a topic that they have learned through MOOCs with themselves and teachers, let them appear exams online. Let students give the presentation, not teachers.

5) Mind Relaxation: Relaxation techniques like yoga and mediation should also be a must. No need to read for more than 45 or 60 mins. Deep breath for 10 mins and again start learning.

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