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Apps can solve the basic social security problem

The public distribution system is inefficient in terms of production, distribution, and consumption of goods and services and lacks inclusiveness.

You can view the fallouts of PDS:

Apps can solve the basic social security problem, bring healthy habits of spending money and can be used to run experiments, test it and improve it to get the best results.
1) API endpoints that any app developer can use and integrate it with their e-commerce apps.  Separate types of account for seller and customer.
2) Statistics about how you spending money. General statistics should be publicly available, where experts can review, critic and improve the results.
3) Tagged money, which means you can buy only particular types of products with that money.
e.g. Tagged money for grocery, or tagged money for cooked food, or tagged money for education which gets transferred to the seller in untagged form.  Possibilities are limitless.
 4) Tagg…