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Ideas need to be implemented in and Education Portal

Its just a rough sketch about the Idea Update Aug 25th, 2015

Features like plagiarism checker should be used in every schools and colleges so that projects can't be copied. Moreover projects should be computer typed not hand written.
Personalized page for every subscriber.
Questions creation section, questions must require critical thinking in order to solve

Question analysis section:
All the exam questions in schools and colleges must be uploaded in the website after examination and then analysis section would be there, where students and teachers all over the country could analyze it. Analysis can be based upon: 1) Whether the question pattern favors critical thinking or rote learning. 2) How difficult or easy is the question pattern? 3) Is there any mistakes in the questions? etc.
Syllabus section:
Syllabus section for each subject must be made for different universities or schools, where discussion about the syllabus is made. Following discussions can be made such as: W…