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All books that don't meet the learning criteria must be taken off

Learning About Learning Resources

Textbook must cover six fundamental instructional strategies while presenting the information, defined by rigorous research.
1) Pairing graphics with words
2) Linking abstract concepts with concrete representations

Why we face difficulty to remember abstract concepts?
3) Posing probing questions

4) Repeatedly alternating problems with their solutions provided and problems that students must solve.
Interleaving and Component Practice can be used for better transfer of learning with appropriate cognitive load.

5) Distributing practice
6) Assessing to boost retention

Detailed explanation of the strategies is given here, NCTQ learning about learning

The problem with our education system:
Most (99%) books referred …

What are the problems with grades?

The problem with grades:

1) Grades are an oversimplification of achievements that say very little about it. They are just numbers which say nothing about what you know or about your working skills.
2) Grades are often biased and are done based upon the context of questions. Sometimes questions are not well made, most often they are just repeats of previous year questions. Because of this they really don't check the critical high order thinking of the children.
3) Malpractice. It is also rampant in our education system.
4) Too much of psychological pressure from parents, teachers to score more, that leads them to depression and sometimes even they take drastic steps like suicide.
5)Grades shift the goal from learning to just marks, which can be achieved by many many means with our inefficient education system.

6) No grades are given for effort, grades are given only for solving hypothetical book problems.
I have seen many students struggling in our education system, trying too hard…