Universal Basic Income and Education: A beginning to a continued resilient human ecosystem

Universal Basic Income is a welfare regime in which all citizens (or permanent residents) of a country receive a regular, liveable and unconditional sum of money, from the government.

The central claim that UBI tries to solve is the end of poverty and financial insecurity by the indsicriminatory supply of free money which can be exchanged to buy your basic need requirements.

But the problem lies with execution and design that nullify the damaging possibilities speculated by the critics.

It disincentivizes people to work, so can create an adverse condition for wealth creation.

A proposed elaborative solution:

Morally, the basic required need for survival such as food, clothing, shelter are not incentives. Its a fundamental right of the people. But biologically, these are the incentives to pacify our hunger or appetite.
Food, clothing, shelter are basic needs for survival, but we need lot more for thriving. One of the essentials to thrive is education that nourishes our memory to build mental models for making intelligent decisions. (https://medium.com/@yegg/mental-models-i-find-repeatedly-useful-936f1cc405d)
So a deal here, to survive you have to thrive, in other words, you will get the basic incentives, only if you like to thrive. 
Divide the UBI into two parts. One part will be unconditional income but insufficient to meet your basic needs. Another part will be conditional, given only if you join a course for learning  (e.g. parenting, cooking, science) or you are working.

How to make education scalable, effective, and worthful through pedagogical evidence?

How will work and jobs change by 2035?  By: Andrew Ng, Co-founder of Coursera; Adjunct Professor of Stanford

It will create more startups or problem solvers or wealth creators to meet everyone need. UBI will play as a catalyst to it, not as an inhibitor. 


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