Completely simplifying UTS Ticketing System which can be used everywhere

Simplifying UTS Ticketing System which can be used in every station:
We need two things:
1) OTP generator in Station (To track the location, no requirement of GPS)
2) A mobile app for payment and entering the OTP

Railways job is to provide a unique account id and password to each customer after authenticating them.

Use that unique account id and password to register on the app. You can add and change the mobile number. You can also change the password.

When you go to the station, in the OTP generator, enter the unique account id, and get the OTP displayed on the OTP generator. OTP can also be sent to the mobile. OTP will work only for 15 mins etc.

Enter the OTP on the registered mobile app, choose the route, pay and get ticket by SMS

Payment can be done with using payment gateways or with balance kept on the account. You can add balance with payment gateways, may be with depositing money through railways or directly through gateways when you have no balance in your account.

It solves most of the problem of UTS Ticketing system, such as GPS, unable to change the mobile number, to carry your identification such as voter id etc.

Booking ticket without the internet:

The  OTP generator now will also work as ticket generator.
Enter the unique account id into the OTP generator, choose the route in the OTP generator, get the OTP on the phone, enter the OTP on the generator,  get the ticket through SMS or even paper. But in this case, money should be present in the account already. You can recharge your account online anywhere.

Do suggest if you have any question or any problem with this method. What are the ways do think you can travel in a dishonest manner, by finding the loophole in the system?


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