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Hilarious pedagogy tests of India

Link to the questions

Questions that you can't stop laughing...

1. Which statement is not applicable to objective type of question?
a) More content can be covered.
b) Correct measurement is possible.
c) Quick and correct valuation is possible
d) Measuring more than one learning objective is possible.

Well, the answer is bit unambiguous, like any other standard examination, correct measurement of student ability is not possible.
Yes, in objective type questions, more content can be covered, quick and correct valuation is possible (I mean is possible, but most of the time error in valuation occurs, there may be many different reasons for it). Also measuring more than one learning objective is also possible if question setter works on it.

2. "Nothing succeeds like success", this statement is based on which law of learning as propounded by Thorndike?
a) Practice
b) Readiness
c) Effect
d) Recency

Nothing succeeds like success means "success leads to opportunities for furt…

Framework for collaborative design of curriculum in Schools, Colleges and Universities

India requires a website for National Curriculum Framework for collaborative design of curriculum in Schools, Colleges and Universities

In India, curriculum/syllabus of different subjects is usually obsolete. To make things, even more, worse, different states and university have a different syllabus which they never update based on present and future requirement. Also, getting a degree in advanced specialization course e.g. such as Machine Learning, Robotics is a distance dream in India.

What a website of National Curriculum Framework needs to solve?

1) Should be used to for collaborative design of curriculum, where everyone is free to suggest their inputs, whether University lecturers, researchers, entrepreneurs, students etc. It will bring everyone on one platform.

2) Different colleges and Universities, need not have to design a different syllabus for a single subject, but a single syllabus will do, by an inclusive effort of everyone. CBCS will take care of the diversity/autonomy th…
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