Why India requires an archive for research articles to promote research and development?

Through Digital India initiative, India should consider a repository for research articles. This will promote permanent preservation of research articles.

India should promote research and experimentation is all fields, whether law reviews, science, economics, arts, and commerce, psychology, sports, Ayurveda, yoga, entertainment, music etc.

Students should be encouraged to design experiments and test the results and write articles in every field.

Higher education should be research based, where students have to produce genuine, original, quality articles. We should rethink our traditional exam oriented methods of education and allow students to explore with freedom rather than just learning the subjects for the exam.

Let student analyze, think critically and try to bring the solution to a problem. Why give them the burden of exams? Without freedom, one cannot search, scrutinize, inquire things. Give them freedom in what they are interested in. Let them score O in some subjects and B in others. Why force them to score best in everything and give them a lot of burdens? A student who scores O in some subjects and B in others is more disciplined and focused. Why we always hunt for the genius who should be good at everything.

We should reward students for bringing solutions rather than securing marks or preparing for exams.


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