How open review and data analysis of exam will change our education system?

As our education system is not transparent, and as we don't have the data, we are actually unable to find the problems, so unable to address them.

So what is an open review of an exam?

After the evaluation of answer script is completed, its scanned copy has to be uploaded to a website for public review. Also, analysis of the answers should be conducted, in which questions students are securing more marks, which questions are difficult to solve and students are not performing well in the questions. Complete statistical data should be produced, student wise, school wise, district wise and state wise.

What are the advantages?
It has no disadvantage.
With this procedure, we can address most of the problems in the exams. Schools and colleges will be more accountable, no malpractice will be there, students will know their fault, where they have scored less and where they have scored more, teachers will evaluate paper accurately

This should be done at every level of education, from class 1 to post graduation.

Even this is the easiest solution, as to produce a website, it requires only 4 to 5 months. But the design of the website is important and require a bit thinking.
The only requirement, to take a step by our education ministers and politicians if they really want our education system to be changed.

If they remain ignorant, no one can help the country.


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