How the concept of teacher : student ratio of 1:30 has loopholes?

After discussing with few teachers, I found that in some classes in some school, the number of students present is less than 30. In that case, a student doesn't get the subject teachers. How can in this principle, a student will get teachers for all the subjects. A math teacher can't teach physics. Also, there is disturbance with the number of classes. e.g. if the 5th class has 15 students and 6th class has 15 students, this leads to a shortage of teachers by half. So teachers have no option, left but to unite both the classes.
How can there be conduction of both the classes in one room?

So please update the rule, that for each batch or class there must be each teacher for each subject for a school, no matter how many students are there in the class.

Also, I found that in some govt. schools in Odisha, computers are given (3 to 4 months back) but no one is there to operate it and install the software. Why there is no computer teacher in all schools? The computer has become a very vital part in our life. Without computer knowledge what students will do.
I also shout to change all the govt. schools to CBSE, so that all can access the same type of quality education.

Why the govt. is more interested in potato and onion prices, where the pond got dried etc. more? They discuss this issue for hours and days in the assembly. But they are not discussing teachers and students problems and how it can be solved. Does the govt don't know which issue to give priority more?


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