Why do doctors need to conduct research in India and how it can be done?

1) Time
A medical student in India spends negligible time in conducting research. And after becoming a doctor, with the burden of overwork to check patients, they find almost no time to conduct research.
How can they do a case study, if they don't spend enough time with the patient?

2) Using Lab equipment for research
Whole medicine department in India is limited to determining the disease through the medical diagnostic procedure, and then prescribing medicines or surgery for cure. We have all sophisticated medical equipment from MRI scanner to high sensitive blood testing machines for different diseases. But none are used for research purpose. Neither most data produced by the medical department are used in research or statistical analysis due to lack of digitalizing and lack of storing in a central repository.

3) More doctors
India being a second largest populated country in the world, the requirement of doctors, should be second largest to have a decent amount of doctor and patient ratio. Even, in India, most students aspire to become doctors, but they are not given chance due to lack of seats. Instead of decreasing the seats, shouldn't they be allowed to conduct research in the medical field. There are so many checkpoints to become a doctor, even if someone fails to become e.g. a surgeon he/she may become a researcher. More doctor means required doctor and patient ratio, so more time. So doctors will have freedom to conduct research.

5) Collaboration with other researchers of diverse fields
Like any research, collaboration is a most important step. A single doctor with a specialized knowledge cannot have all the tools to complete its research. So a collaborative work is required so that diversified people, e.g. information technology people or biotechnologists can visit hospitals and a chance is given to work there to understand the problems.


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