How can central open schools such as NIOS can make a revolutionary step in the field of Personalized Education?

Most schools are overloaded with students. Usually, a single classroom in popular schools in your locality must be having more than 30 students in a particular class.
To give students a personalized experience, it’s all most impossible for these schools.
So, students rely on personal tuitions to meet the requirement of the students. All most all parents that have a good income, provide personal tuitions to their children.

So, what role NIOS has to play?

NIOS can promote mini-schools with 10-20 students in class with laboratory facilities and required teachers. They don't need to have all the classes for Std 1 to 12th. Any particular class for a startup would do, based on teacher availability. But for it, a lot of processes has to be done by NIOS.
1) Designing Curriculum 
Design the best curriculum from Class I to Class 12 with book recommendation, training teachers for best practices of teaching that works (with giving complete research and statistical data of its working)
2) Conducting Exams
We cannot rely on these mini-schools for conducting exams. So, NIOS should start conducting exams per semester, from Class I to Class 12. Per semester is important, to make students more accountable to their studies.
The exams must be very transparent, like using Aadhaar Card for authentication, scanning of the answer scripts.  Handwriting checking can also be done, to know the student is an authentic examinee.
The exam can be conducted on Sundays, Saturdays and holidays in different schools/classrooms. Also, the examiner should be randomly selected, so that parents or anyone don’t know who will be the examiner before the exam. Conducting a transparent exam without malpractice is the key to the success of this whole procedure.
3) Giving feedback and results of the Exams
Giving a detailed feedback by looking at each answer of students, where students are lagging behind, how they can be improved, etc. along with the marks provided. For it, a website can be made for uploading the feedbacks and answer scripts.
4) NIOS can charge the required amount of fees for this process.

If this is done, students will get a personalized education and a more transparent process of evaluation of their skills.

Some of the questions may be how there will be the quality assessment of these mini-schools?
So, a ranking of mini-schools can be done based upon the results, as semester examination is not conducted by them, the ranking will be most transparent  and competition will be another factor, as students/parents have true freedom to choose their classes.
What about students of below poverty line?
Mini-schools can be supported by govt aids, who include students from below poverty line. To avoid abuse of it, only good ranked mini-schools should be given a chance or their affiliation should be canceled if students don't score well in exams.
Consider the situation, if students got passed in 5th Class, and the institute doesn't provide 6th Class and unable to find an institute of 6th Class nearby. What he/she would do in such situation?
Presently we already have many coaching institutes, by making them an offer of open schooling, they surely will want to get affiliated and meet the requirements of laboratory etc. So, this will be a very rare case to happen.

This can be a revolutionary step that can work with the private-public partnership and a better approach for handling quality education than state run or center run schools.

So, it only requires a proper iterative pipeline, well-designed website for maintenance.


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