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How making an aahaar api can revolutionize India in providing personalized and accurate information?

Every citizen of India has Unique Identification Number: Aadhaar.

Many websites in health care, railways and almost all sites use your personal details. But the problem is, some times these personal details can be inaccurate. There can be many reasons for it.

e.g. Storing the birth data of child in eMunicipality portal:
The nurse writes about Mother and Father details in a form. From between writing the form to feeding it into the eMunicipality portal, there are lots of chances of feeding wrong data.
Some of the reasons are:
1) Listening error of nurse, so the nurse write the wrong information
2) Laziness and lack of time for nurse to fill all the fields on the paper form
3) Spelling errors of name and address details.
4) Person who is doing data entry in eMunicipality portal unable to recognize the handwriting (as we all know doctors write in horrible handwriting, which an expert can only read)
5) Person who is doing data entry, fills the compulsory field with arbitrary data (such as…