What strategical mistakes do we make in the Lab as a team in Indian context?

1) Clarity of riddle that needs to be solved, in the research you are doing.
The question in research should identify the problem and how to solve the problem. We cannot expect everything to occur in serendipity, by doing random stuff without knowing what is the problem.
2) Pretending to work
Research supervisors are obsessed with the amount of time spent on work you do, instead of quality work. For doing research, we need to think, we need to discuss the problem with our team as a total. Research cannot be done after you are exhausted because you cannot think at that time.
All members come from a different psychological environment with different passions and mindset. So, it important to bring their mindset into solving the problem, instead of forcing them to only work. Usually, students come to build their career and earn money. Many are almost not interested in doing research because of the environment they get. So, they start to pretend to work to appease the supervisor and get paid.
3) Lack of discussion with researchers of diversified background in the lab.
Discussions are not taken seriously by the administrator because they think (actually it's true) that students will start gossiping. But instead of stopping them to discuss, why not a rule book for discussion, where you need to ask right questions and discuss in the context.
4) Treating a new member in lab
When a new member comes to lab, he/she is almost unaware of the project you are doing, also he/she has never got the industry experience, as we know how our colleges are. So, it would be too much for him/her to understand everything all by alone and again too much pressure from the supervisor for not doing your work or giving output. (seriously, even the lab members and supervisor don't know what output they want, because after doing a month of work, again you are said, it's not required). So, instead of treating the new lab member as a genius, he/she should be given clarity of the problem you are solving in a simplistic way. Many times, he/she may ask questions even the lab members or supervisor don't know.  "Being scared of being judged for not knowing", neither the new member asks any questions, nor other replies directly to the questions when asked because of the same reason and pretends to know the answers.


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