How should teacher selection be done in a transparent manner in India and keep them accountable?

Mostly in the current procedure, a teacher is appointed by entrance exam or a bunch of questionnaires by senior faculties or administrator. (Keeping all different kinds of corruption or lobbying that takes place aside)
But this process does not guarantee a good teacher. A modern educator should have many other psychological, pedagogical and leadership skills/features that are not tested in this procedure. The current procedure only tests the amount of subject knowledge/information they have, which can only be used as the first line of defense to get a good teacher.

So, instead of selecting a single teacher from the interview, 3 to 5 etc. teachers must be selected and should be given few classes to teach the students. These classes should be recorded, and voting must be done by students, faculty members and experts based upon the questions asked in the voting.

The questions can be such as does the lecturer/teacher increases curiosity on the subject, do they understand the subject properly, and many other practical questions that need to be asked about the lecture based on research that works, with trial and errors.

One can escape the first line of defense due to many loopholes, but no way on the second step. You will be always be assured a good teacher if done properly.

Do look at the page what a modern educator should be...

How to keep our teachers accountable for excellence in education?

Here again, the role of technology (camera and microphone) will  assist. Instead of tracking teachers all the time, recording needs to be done on weekly basis. Then, the recording that contains voice should be uploaded in a central database repository, where the video will be available for feedback from the public or experts. The video should be available only for 3 months for review, after that, it can be deleted to save the memory space.

What the benefit of doing it weekly?
It provides freedom to teachers, as they are not tracked all the time. Also, keeps teacher accountable as they have to study and do their homework on the continuous basis and then come to the class.
It provides a ceaseless feedback system between students, teachers, and experts, all participate in the education system of the country.

Also, there should be guidelines of the website repository, about what type of feedback can be given e.g. public needs to be polite, and whenever they criticize, it needs to be constructive so that teachers remain emotionally supported and there is always room for improvement for teachers rather than thinking about perfection.

Teachers who perform better (as it will help in identifying best teachers), can be used for making MOOCs for other teachers and students. Other teachers will learn the teaching habits of good teachers and we will have more course materials.


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