Shouldn't there be Whatsapp number for reporting simple issues to police?

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Today I tried dialing to police with number 100 to report a simple fraud call that my aunt received.
The person who called was asking for ATM pin. When my aunt was able to find the call was fraud, the person started speaking in vulgar language. When I said, I will report it to police, he said that "Police kya tumhara uncle lagta hai" (Is police your uncle). See how fearless they are. There is not even a little fear of police.

And this case is not new. Its a general issue with most families.

When I complained about it to police by dialing 100. They said to come to police station to report the case.
I can understand that police might be receiving lots of call that are important. But why there is no helpline numbers to report such problem.

If police are hesitant to receive such call, then there should be a whatsapp number to report such cases so that people can text them and later police can review it and take action based upon their priority. Even sending SMS is also a great idea.

Also people should be encouraged to report such cases by creating awareness.

We can find twitter accounts of police officers of Bangalore. This should be implemented even in other states.

Please also see how people appreciate Kerala Police:
Why does Kerala have a higher crime rate even though most of the population is well educated?

Why can't this is possible all over India?
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