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A visit to a govt. school in Odisha near my village……

Today I went to a govt. school to discuss about my Idea of Innovate4DigitalIndia. Click Here First let me describe what are the good things I found in the school:--- 1) School uniform: Students specially the higher class students were wearing decent school uniforms and was clean. 2) Food provided to the students: As today was Wednesday, students were given boiled egg and peas -potato curry with rice. I had my lunch there. The food was eatable and nearly nice. Only the peas curry was little watery. 3) Building was a bit good. Not that horrible. It was colored and many thoughts of scientists were written. 4) Teachers were also very co-operative and ready to listen to my ideas heartfully. I had also a discussion with the teachers for about 3 an hour. The discussion was about students and teachers and their problems.
Now let me describe what I didn't like in the school, although its many but I will describe some of the fundamental necessities of the school and their solutions.
1) Fir…
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