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How making an aahaar api can revolutionize India in providing personalized and accurate information?

Every citizen of India has Unique Identification Number: Aadhaar.

Many websites in health care, railways and almost all sites use your personal details. But the problem is, some times these personal details can be inaccurate. There can be many reasons for it.

e.g. Storing the birth data of child in eMunicipality portal:
The nurse writes about Mother and Father details in a form. From between writing the form to feeding it into the eMunicipality portal, there are lots of chances of feeding wrong data.
Some of the reasons are:
1) Listening error of nurse, so the nurse write the wrong information
2) Laziness and lack of time for nurse to fill all the fields on the paper form
3) Spelling errors of name and address details.
4) Person who is doing data entry in eMunicipality portal unable to recognize the handwriting (as we all know doctors write in horrible handwriting, which an expert can only read)
5) Person who is doing data entry, fills the compulsory field with arbitrary data (such as…

Shouldn't there be Whatsapp number for reporting simple issues to police?

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Today I tried dialing to police with number 100 to report a simple fraud call that my aunt received.
The person who called was asking for ATM pin. When my aunt was able to find the call was fraud, the person started speaking in vulgar language. When I said, I will report it to police, he said that "Police kya tumhara uncle lagta hai" (Is police your uncle). See how fearless they are. There is not even a little fear of police.
And this case is not new. Its a general issue with most families.
When I complained about it to police by dialing 100. They said to come to police station to report the case. I can understand that police might be receiving lots of call that are important. But why there is no helpline numbers to report such problem.
If police are hesitant to receive such call, then there should be a whatsapp number to report such cases so that people can text them and later police can review it and take action based upon the…

Steps that can be taken to improve education system

1) MOOCs for Teacher: Every body cares about student education, but no body thinks about teachers. They can only transfer knowledge only if they themselves are well educated with the subjects and knows how to teach scientifically so that the teaching is most productive and knowledge reaches to maximum students. Like students, teachers should also be motivated daily.
So there should be 1 hour MOOCs for teachers even, where they can listen the lectures and appear exams.
2) Including courses like Learning How to Learn (Page on and Becoming a Resilient Person (edX) and many other study techniques in the syllabus itself. So that students knows how he should study productively without rote learning the things and also learn to cope up with the stress.
3) MOOCs for Students: In the first phase for about 6 months we should give MOOCs for teachers, than when they are well versed with all the computer technologies, than time for MOOCs for students. But computer (e.g.  cheaper Raspber…

A visit to a govt. school in Odisha near my village……

Today I went to a govt. school to discuss about my Idea of Innovate4DigitalIndia. Click Here First let me describe what are the good things I found in the school:--- 1) School uniform: Students specially the higher class students were wearing decent school uniforms and was clean. 2) Food provided to the students: As today was Wednesday, students were given boiled egg and peas -potato curry with rice. I had my lunch there. The food was eatable and nearly nice. Only the peas curry was little watery. 3) Building was a bit good. Not that horrible. It was colored and many thoughts of scientists were written. 4) Teachers were also very co-operative and ready to listen to my ideas heartfully. I had also a discussion with the teachers for about 3 an hour. The discussion was about students and teachers and their problems.
Now let me describe what I didn't like in the school, although its many but I will describe some of the fundamental necessities of the school and their solutions.
1) Fir…

Idea 2: Govt. website for To Do list (work to be completed) and work completed or percentage of work done list for every MPs and MLAs

This will help for both people and govt. to communicate properly with each other. Also help MPs and MLAs to campaign properly, by showing their work. 
No need of poster or wastage of papers.
They can also add the photographs of their work that has been done.
It will improve transparency and minimize corruption. I think govt. should initiate this approach, as a result politicians will be encouraged for subscribe To Do list, because people will also want them to subscribe. They may not make it compulsory, but still I think most politician will subscribe it because people and media may ask why they are not subscribing it and not showing their work. Also a good politician will always get a chance to win again.

People may also provide feedback and opinions of their work in the website.

Ideas need to be implemented in and Education Portal

Its just a rough sketch about the Idea Update Aug 25th, 2015

Features like plagiarism checker should be used in every schools and colleges so that projects can't be copied. Moreover projects should be computer typed not hand written.
Personalized page for every subscriber.
Questions creation section, questions must require critical thinking in order to solve

Question analysis section:
All the exam questions in schools and colleges must be uploaded in the website after examination and then analysis section would be there, where students and teachers all over the country could analyze it. Analysis can be based upon: 1) Whether the question pattern favors critical thinking or rote learning. 2) How difficult or easy is the question pattern? 3) Is there any mistakes in the questions? etc.
Syllabus section:
Syllabus section for each subject must be made for different universities or schools, where discussion about the syllabus is made. Following discussions can be made such as: W…

Regarding and its improvement

Here is an Idea:

There should be an Idea sharing forum, and below which we can discuss our thoughts about a particular idea given, such as it is practical or not and what will be its effects on us, if implemented.
There can be option for upvotes and downvotes. And repetition of Idea should not be allowed. 
Similarly, we can make a another subdomain for problem section i.e. people will share there problem faced which can be solved by government. People or experts can give suggestion or necessary steps to be taken by him.

Similar type of framework is qoura/ stackoverflow. Please try to make a framework like that.  Also there are many open source frameworks like askbot which I like. It has also read only api, if we want to launch it on a native android app /or we can launch the website inside the app completely like the present Mygov app does.